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Red Cedar, as a Managing Member of the Joint Venture Ekagra Partners, LLC is a prime contractor on this 10 year GWAC IDIQ in the small business category. This contract was awarded in July 2012. This vehicle is available to any federal government customer to procure Information Technology services, solutions and products.

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GSA IT Schedule 70

Red Cedar Consultancy, LLC: GS-35F-412BA

Red Cedar Harmonia, LLC: 47QTCA18D009P

Ekagra Partners, LLC: 47QTCA19D00LH

Seaport-E nxg

Ekagra Partners, LLC : N0017819D7567

OUR BPAs and idiqs

Department of Education BPA: EDCIO17A0023

Small Business Administration: Microsoft Support Services BPA: 73351018A0048

Our Mentor's vehicles

Red Cedar and Harmonia Holdings Group, LLC are in a SBA Approved Mentor-Protege Partnership. Please click Here to see all of Harmonia's Vehicles

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